Fanny's Favourite Dresses

From left to right:

Ronin Kimono Outfit (Marcos Armengol)
Current clothing for the Mistress of Cyrodiils anonymous travels though the countryside.
Pirate Wench (Eshme)
Fits perfectly when sailing Grumblepunks Bella Moretta.
Black Coat, Black Laced Leather Pants, Black Boots and Stockings (Eshme)
Elegantly and slight understatement, for shopping or private events.
Regal Gown (Eshme)
For official dates, not too flashy.
Gypsy Dress and Red Pumps (Eshme)
For bashing marauders away from local summer festivities. Shoes come with leather-grooming enchantement, that keeps the colour fresh and protects against dirt and blood stains.
Velvet Overcoat (Eshme)
Warming dress, good for dampish dungeons or draughty castles.
Long Toga and Leather Sandals (Eshme)
Need to defend the front garden? The flowerbed infested with daedra? The lush but light material offers the perfect style.


Pirate Ship

Jason1s Pilotalbe Pirat Ship by Grumblepunk!

Once I had the opportunity to do a translation the possibly best Morrowind-Mod for Armour and Clothing Mannequins: Grumblepunks House of Mannequins. Currently he takes care of a truly great mod by Jason1: a rolling and sailable home: a ship, completely equipped with a functionable skiff.

Das Schiff ist jetzt auch mit deutscher Oberfläche verfügbar.

find the pilotable ship dropped anchor at bravil visiting anvil

Use these two mods along with the ship. They provide better textures and a truly shippable Lake Rumare!
better textures: Grumblepunks SHIPYARD and a shippable lake rumare: SAFE WATERS

Lake Rumare before Lake Rumare using Safe Waters

flying above the harbour Why not a flying ship? (Version 1.1 of the flying ship). Sadly, flying is pretty useless in Tamriel and the most you get are impressions of empty worldspaces, i.e. cities from above are not very interesting.

Current status: The ship is flyable now.
Discussion of the mod (in german) at
Discussion of the mod (in english) at

Companion: Gabrielle Renee

gabrielle renee My current companion is Gabrielle Renee.
She has companion share and can thus be equipped, she gains experience and she is really good in following the player. Being an imperial pirat she is well-suited for the ship.
This is Aridale's original Gabrielle.
companion mod: gabrielle renee I modified Gabrielle's face and hair.
left: romantic mood, right: plotting our next strike
gabby and me plotting our next strike

TheTalkieToaster Says Share!

Tired of being outnumbered by the forces of evil? Frustrated by being mobbed up?
STRIKE BACK! Get this mod, make friends, gather fellows and beat the hell out of oblivion...erm...or the like.

Gabrielle and the Imperial Boyz The Heroes of Bravil return from The Closing


skill with negative usage after quest reward. when considering this a fault and not a feature, use this patch.


Fanny begins Fanny Level 9 never looked that stupid

The Painted World fun2
fun1 levitating beggar

Fanny Level 13 Fanny Level 13 Skills Fanny Vampiric

texture problems

8 16

symptoms: psychedelic textures, hang up (no BSOD, just reset), BSOD STOP 0xEA (explicit message: loop in driver)

solution: update drivers, remove soundblaster live!24 and set AGP power to 1.5V


Finally it malfunctioned completely, after consuming my time and wrecking my nerves. My favourite shop did not discuss, but hand me a new one. And now everything runs fine!

picking up the pieces.

andreas at steinbergpark dot de